AGA Entertainment Inc

AGA Entertainment Inc
A.G.A Entertainment is a independent record label with a lot of love and respect for hip hop. We are proud of our hard work Providing a good support system for our artist and there fans with quality services. We start with a good attitude and then gratitude determine our altitude

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Young West" is a young hip hop artist sign to A.G.A Entertainment Label. He's  from Richmond Hill, Queens New York where he found his true love in hip hop. We must express gratitude to Young West and his love for hip hop and the way his fans are addictive to his music. He has this hot new single called "Toe tags" I have no doubt that he will rock the world in a big way one day!  You can purchase a copy of toe tags online at i tunes, Amazon, Cd baby or go to our website  I have attach a video call "West" so you can get a feel of Young West style !

Remember you heard it first right here!

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