AGA Entertainment Inc

AGA Entertainment Inc
A.G.A Entertainment is a independent record label with a lot of love and respect for hip hop. We are proud of our hard work Providing a good support system for our artist and there fans with quality services. We start with a good attitude and then gratitude determine our altitude

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday the weekend is here and the weather is nice so enjoy your self and be safe.  A.G.A artists "YOUNG WEST" and "BENTLEY" have some things lined up for the weekend to promote their new singles "Toe Tags" and "Loving The Fame" if you haven't hared these tracks yet go to our website and check it out for your self. Their music is the real deal and it comes from the heart. Hip Hop is their one love and style. They have a video coming your way soon to keep up with their progress please visit the website. I encourage you to check theses tracks out you will enjoy them you can Find theses tracks any where online i tunes, amazon, zune the list go's on.

Remember you heard it first right here!

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